Hump Day Husbandos: Miles Edgeworth (Ace Attorney)

Hump Day Husbandos

In the real world, lawyers are rarely sexy. They work long hours and have to deal with a lot of nonsense everyday from people like me who think a reasonable defence for stealing a cop car is “it was sitting right there”. (Is there, err, something you want to tell us…? – Ed.)

But this is not true in the Ace Attorney universe, where being young and attractive seems to be the main requirement for stepping into a courtroom. And in the land of hot lawyers, the king is indisputably Miles Edgeworth.

That’s right. For this week’s Hump Day Husbandos, we’re arguing the case for Miles Edgeworth. I trust there will be no objections.

Who is Miles Edgeworth?

Miles Edgeworth

Miles Edgeworth is the sometimes-antagonist, sometimes-ally, always-hottie of Phoenix Wright’s life. He is a prosecuting attorney, driven to get the guilty verdict at all costs — but with a steadfast dedication to uncovering the truth. Miles Edgeworth struts into every court case in the Ace Attorney series with confidence, feeling sure of himself and leaving nothing to chance. From his opening argument to his immaculately pressed cravat, he is cool, confident and in control.

Through the series we learn a bit more about this intimidating courtroom figure. We find out about his past friendship with Phoenix Wright and Larry Butz — these games have the best names — as well as the moment that changed the course of his path forever. Not to spoil anything for a twenty-year-old game series (Stop that – Ed.) but Miles Edgeworth has quite the change of heart over the course of the first three games.

Why we love him

Miles Edgeworth

Miles Edgeworth hits the kind of notes you want from a video game antagonist who isn’t necessarily a bad guy. He is haughty and uptight, dedicated to his job and getting the result he wants, but without crossing the line of true villainy. We get glimpses into the softer side of the Demon Prosecutor, but he never truly changes how he behaves.

Of course, his looks also have something to do with the appeal. The Ace Attorney games are filled with strange and colourful characters, usually with puntastic names, yet Miles Edgeworth stands out with his tailored crimson suit, ruffled collar, and penchant for a calm and soothing cup of tea. There is an air of sophistication and control about Miles and that has timeless appeal. Even when it slips a bit, Miles Edgeworth always manages to be the coolest and best looking character in the games.

Even when he and Wright re-establish their childhood friendship and become something more akin to rivals than enemies, they still have sparring matches in the courtroom. They are rivals even when they find common ground, but the respect they share for each other doesn’t diminish even as Phoenix Wright beats Miles in every single case they argue against each other.

Why you’ll love Him

Miles Edgeworth

If you don’t already love Miles Edgeworth, it is only because you haven’t played the games yet. If you like your husbandos with a core of vulnerability surrounded by a shell of calculating propriety, then you’ll love this endearing but mildly terrifying man. Some of the best moments in the games are when Miles Edgeworth stops being Phoenix Wright’s enemy and teams up with him to take down a shared enemy, using his skill and cunning to aid justice rather than his own career.

The remasters of the first three Ace Attorney games are available for the Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC, but if you don’t feel like playing through hours of gameplay to get your husbando fix, the anime is worth checking out as well. The first two seasons do a good job of covering the games’ plot as well as filling in some of the gaps in the relationship between the two rivals.

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