Hunger Dungeon Character Guide

Hunger Dungeon is the exciting free new arena brawler from Buka Game Studio and PQube limited available on Steam. However, it may seem overwhelming at first, so we wrote a handy overview of each of all the 12 currently available heroes to help you choose one which suits your playstyle best.



Old Prisoner

Melee, Displacement



The old prisoner is a rather straightforward hero. He is generally a very slow because of his iron ball. Despite this he can be nimble at times with his fatal sprint which can be used for both offense and defense as well as dashing over lava pits. Whenever he uses his basic attack, he stacks up his available dashes with a maximum of two. His hunger drops a lot slower which makes him a very sturdy hero.



Beast Hero

Melee, Stamina



The Beast Hero is your basic bread and butter hero and one of the best for beginners. He has great all-around strength and defense. Despite having a standard melee attack, he has the ability to fire the Arrow of Justice which can take out fleeing enemies and mark them, increasing any damage they take. He also recovers health, mana and hunger when he defeats other players allowing easy killing sprees. Finally, any fatal attacks leave this hero with 1 HP, so you can survive with a slither of health.



Goblin Profiteer

Ranged attack, Scatter



Like his name suggests, the goblin profiteer is all about gold. You will need to constantly grab gold coins if you want to have an upper hand. His initially weak pea shooter, turns into a powerful shotgun as he collects gold coins. Helping him achieve his powered-up mode is the fact that there is a 25% chance of getting gold whenever you hit an enemy. This also makes him a great character if you want to buy spells and upgrades since you’ll be swimming in gold by the end of each round.



Octo Pirate

Melee, Dirty Water



If you are a fan of Splatoon then this is the character for you. Octo Pirate is a slow moving hero which might seem underpowered at first. But he leaves a pool of dirty water wherever he moves, which increases his movement speed and poisons any enemies that dare step on it. Add the fact that he has a projectile special attack which paints the ground in dirty water and he can easily zone off whole sections of the map.




Melee, Sprint Block



The samurai is perfect for newcomers. His fairly powerful basic attack means he is a force to be reckoned with. He also has a shield which means that he can be nigh indestructible when fighting head-to-head. He can cut through enemy projectiles and even activate his cursed blade when he does enough damage, giving him a powerful ranged attack for a limited amount of time.



Princess Ranger

Ranged attack, Ambush



If you love to set up traps and want to play it safe the princess ranger is perfect for you. She can place bear traps to immobilize enemies, allowing her to pick off enemies from afar. Her basic attack is particularly powerful is she attacks while not moving. By not moving around she can also become invisible. She is particularly good at kiting opponents, given the fact when she picks up her arrows off the floor she increases her movement speed.




Melee, Transform



This werewolf vampire hero has a variety of skills making him one of the most flexible characters in the Hunger Dungeon. He can transform into a bat to quickly escape or catch up to fleeing enemies. By collecting floating blood bubbles, he recovers his health and can transform into a vicious fighting form. His Vicious Talons allow him to hurl himself into enemies to deal massive damage or to make an escape from a though battle.



Nimble Assassin

Melee, Backstabbing



The Nimble Assassin isn’t the most powerful character when going up head-to-head against other heroes, but his basic attack turns into a powerful backstab when he is behind opponents giving him a much needed edge. He can also turn invisible or teleport to a target allowing him to reach that fleshy enemy weak point.



Vagrant Ninja

Ranged attack, Clone



This cat ninja is difficult hero to use, as he lacks any sort of basic attack. His basic skill is to clone himself. The twist is that he can fire a volley of shurikens every time he casts a spell or uses a skill, making him perfect for assassinating enemies by dealing a huge amount of damage at once. He can recover his health by hunting mice which is a godsend because he doesn’t have a standard attack.



Element Fuse

Ranged attack, Spell Scroll Master



If you are looking for a ranged hero, you can’t go better than Element Fuse. His basic attack is a slow moving magic ball that has extreme range. Find yourself a nice bush and you can dominate the battlefield. His basic skill is the Element Explode which reduces spell scroll cooldowns to 0 for a limited amount of times. Since he is very slow, he has the ability to automatically teleport to a random location when low on health.



Demonic Knight

Melee, Holy

hunger dungeon character guide - demonic knight


The Demonic Knight is my personal favorite. She is both a powerful melee warrior and has some of the best defense possibilities in the entirety of Hunger Dungeon. She can place pillars which grant her stat boosts and replenish her health when she uses her basic attack in the pillar’s range. Her basic ability allows her to warp back to the nearest pillar, giving you the ability to escape or catch up to enemies in the blink of an eye.



Auto Repair

Melee, Overload



Auto Repair may be one of the best starting heroes. His basic attack does not need to be activated, but instead he automatically attacks the ground every second damaging everything in range.  This effectively means you can just rush into groups of enemies and dish out massive amounts of damage. He also accumulates an electric discharge over time, which you cast to paralyze enemies.

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