Hunger Dungeon Magic Armor Joins the Fray, Free to Play As This Weekend

Hunger Dungeon Magic Armor is now available as a new hero to play as in Hunger Dungeon, the free-to-play top-down MOBO from Buka Game Studio and PQube. So new players can check him out Magic Armor will be free for the first weekend, until 29th Jan.



Hunger Dungeon is free to play, using a rotating system of 4 heroes every 2 weeks (you can pay to have the full game at your fingertips at all time). Magic Armor will be free in addition to the current rotation of free heroes. Proficiency earned through playing as Magic Armor will stay even after his free period has ended.




Magic Armor is a melee focused, magic-absorbing Hero that wields a ghostly blade. By consuming resources, Magic Armor is able to grant itself regeneration and defensive buffs.

A set of armor originally possessed by a witch to safely explore the Hunger Dungeon. An unexpected interruption severed the link and granted the armor free will. As its own master, it wishes to explore Hunger Dungeon to procure magic…and food!

While a character that is quite offensive focused, her also has a range of unique buffs that makes him a little bit of a different experience to play.


You can download Hunger Dungeon for free here!


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