Hunger Dungeon Out Now – Free to Play on Steam

Buka Studio’s Free to Play MOBA-styled Hunger Dungeon is out now and is free to play on Steam! The game has been garnering quite a bit of praise while on Steam Greenlight, but the full version just released today! It’s free to play on Steam so why not give it a look and jump in while everyone else is playing!


Download Hunger Dungeon on Steam here



Hunger Dungeon is a round-based Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game for up to 6 players with a free-for-all format. Utilize your skills and knowledge to defeat your opponents and escape the Dungeon. Only the smartest Dungeoneers will prevail!

The free version of the game offers a weekly rotating selection of 4 free characters. There will be 12 heroes to choose from at first, and players can take part in matches featuring up to 6 players. There are team options but the game has a focus on free-for-all, with players battling it out in dungeons that shrink over time.


Hunger Dungeon Out Now - Free to Play on Steam 1


Matches are pretty quick as each round takes about 3 minutes. There’s a lot of different play options, and customisation features. The more you play the greater range of options you’ll have to customise your favourite heroes and your play style.


The premium version of the game is an £8.99 upgrade that comes with the soundtrack, though it’s discounted by 10% for the first week of release, until 13th December.


Hunger Dungeon Out Now - Free to Play on Steam 2


Hunger Dungeon is out now on Steam and is playable for free here!

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