Husbando Battle 2016 ~Legend of Best Boy~ Nominations Open – Submit Now!

Do you believe that love can bloom on the battlefield? This year a new proxy war is waging. Shipping wars are changing. This year we present perhaps the hardest conflict of all: Husbando Battle. Once again nominations are open to all.



Below you will find the nomination sheet for Husbando Battle! Only the top 32 nominations, as decided by you, will be able to make it into the event proper, and be crowned Best Boy of 2016! You are all allowed 5 votes each, and you can use as many of these to add new nominations to the pool as you want. Make sure your best boys are not forgotten! It’s in your hands! Last year we had over 800 different nominees! Nominations close at Midnight on Sunday 13th! Votes will be tallied and the event will begin the following week.


Are you ready to try a bite?


It’s hard to get it looking too snazzy with so many options, but try your best to find your nomination in the list before adding a new one to make sure your Best Boy gets full nomination! ^-^ Ctrl+F is your friend!



The 2014 competition saw Naoto crush the competition to become best Persona girl. 2015 saw Kuroyukihime crush all comers to become the best girl. Now a new category rises. Whether it be the boyish charm of 707, or the no-nonsense manhood of Guts, everyone has one true husbando, one true best boy. As with last year we’ve decided to open up nominations to you, the voters. Everyone this year has a chance to reign victorious in Husbando Battle 2016.


See you on the other side, stranger! May the best boys make it through to the tournament itself!




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