Husbando Battle Heat One (4 Matches) – Results Announced!

We’re here… On the precipice… About to cross the line. Voting is now open for the first heat of Husbando Battle. That’s 8 of the finest dudes out there and 4 match ups. Voting ends at midday tomorrow, 17th November. Make sure your voice is heard!



Jonathan Joestar vs Araragi Koyomi




Hikigaya Hachiman vs Minami ‘Ikki’ Ikutsuki




Saiki Kusuo vs Johan Liebert




Parco Folgore vs Iori Yagami




Some interesting match-ups, and also some normal looking dudes too! While there’s still a lot of rumbles to come it’s these early stages that will decide the tone and the vibes for the upcoming competition. Is this the sort of competition that will be dominated by misunderstood fellas, weird perverts, or pure masculinity? We’ll see!


May the best Husbandos make it through!

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