Husbando Battle Heat Two (4 Matches) – Results Announced!

Voting on the first heat of Husbando Battle was very tight stuff! This particular round of voting up now features some pretty big characters, especially when it comes to meme icon Abe Takakazu (if you know what I mean)! Voting ends 12pm tomorrow, 18th November, so get clicking! 



Persona 3 Main Character vs Satou

Husbando Battle Heat Two 1



Oga Tatsumi vs Kenshirou

Husbando Battle Heat Two 2



Fraser Overington vs Pico

Husbando Battle Heat Two 3



Hiei vs Abe Takakazu

Husbando Battle Heat Two 4




This is definitely an interesting round. Not only is it surprising that P3 Protag is the only Persona character to make it into the Top 32, but Fraser is also the only real life person in the tournament! Also Pico is from a pretty… interesting… anime. And don’t get us started on Abe Takakazu, the meme icon of the group.




May the best Husbandos make it through!

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