Husbando Battle Quarter Finals Round 1 – Jonathan Joestar vs Iori Yagami

We’re already at the Quarter Finals! That means it’s time to dim the lights a bit, and snuggle down with one match at a time. Let’s really narrow our focus down on just a couple of these wonderful Husbandos-to-be. Voting on this round ends tomorrow, 6th December, at 1pm GMT! Get your clicks in!


Jonathan Joestar vs Iori Yagami




Jonathan Joestar and his grandson Joseph Joestar have both made it to the Quarter Finals. But can the elder JoJo’s righteous heart help him overcome Iori? It all depends whether you’d rather go for a JoJo style do-gooder or someone a bit more rough and fiery like Iori. Only you can decide!


As always, may the best Husbando win!

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