Husbando Battle Quarter Finals Round 3 – Rintarou Okabe vs Itaru Hashida

The third Husbando Battle quarter final round is here! It’s the battle of Steins;Gate – Rintarou Okabe vs Itaru Hashida! There’s a possibility that whoever wins this will then have to go up against Luka too. Voting on this round ends tomorrow, 8th December, at 1pm GMT! Get your clicks in!


Rintarou Okabe vs Itaru Hashida


Rintarou Okabe vs Itaru Hashida


So will it be self-proclaimed mad scientist Okabe, or ‘perverted gentleman’ Daru? This is certainly going to be an interesting match! But, whoever goes through, it’s still a point for nerdkind.


As always, may the best Husbando win!

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