Husbando Battle Round 2 Final (2 Matches) – Results Announced!

The round 2 final is here! This round has our third and final Steins;Gate contestant, as well as our second JoJo and Yu Yu Hakusho characters! These two matches end at 2pm GMT 2nd Dec, so get those clicks in!




Kurama vs Luka Urushibara

Husbando Battle Round 2 Final


The characters in this round look pretty out of place next to all the big, muscly guys! Kurama is cool and collected strategist, who tends to place logic above feelings – could you be an exception? Don’t think he’s all bark and no bite though, he has the soul of a fox demon and hides ferocious fighting power beneath that graceful exterior! Luka Urushibara’s androgynous charm is enough to capture the hearts of guys and girls alike! Sweet, sensitive, and supportive, he’s obviously great waifu- er, husbando material.



Joseph Joestar vs Meme Oshino

Husbando Battle Round 2 Final

Joseph Joestar is pretty much the definition of tall, dark, and handsome, and extremely strong to boot! Look at those muscles! He may look like a brute, but really he just wants to have fun. Did I say he was tall already? Meme Oshino’s quite the counterbalance in this match. Though he’s also pretty eccentric, he’s a laid-back guy who doesn’t like to meddle, but does like to help. He’s also an expert in the supernatural, so he could keep you out of trouble!



This brings us to the end of round 2, so things are going to start to heat up after this! It’s up to you to see who goes through!


As always, may the best Husbandos make it through!

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