Husbando Battle Round 2 Part 1 Starts Here (2 Matches) – Results Announced!

So the first round of Husbando Battle finally drew to a close, and we were left with some interesting answers to some difficult questions. Now it’s time to bring it to a simmer and weigh up some even tighter head to heads. These two matches end at 12pm GMT 29th Nov, so get those clicks in!


Jonathan Joestar vs Hikigaya Hachiman

Husbando Battle Round 2 Part 1 Starts Here (2 Matches) - Voting Open! 1


Jonathan was a JoJo before it was even cool! He had it rough, with one of the hardest childhoods of any of the JoJos, yet is still one of the most righteous and purest of hearts out there. Hachiman on the other hand is jaded and cynical, though he does have a beautiful pair of “dead fish” eyes. They’re both “fixer uppers” in a sense, but Hachiman might make you work for it a little harder if that’s your thing.



Saiki Kusou vs Iori Yagami

Husbando Battle Round 2 Part 1 Starts Here (2 Matches) - Voting Open! 2


Who doesn’t love a handsome, superpowered lad like Saiki? Well, Saiki doesn’t, as he finds his superpowers more annoying than anything as he tries to lead a normal life. The question is will his psychic powers get in the way of your relationship? From psychic we go to pyrokinectic — Iori is the kind of chap who could burn your house down accidentally if an argument gets too “heated”, but also the sort who could easily set up a candlelit barbecue if you get through to that ironically icy heart of his.



Only you, the people, can decide which of these four lovely young men get a shot at continuing their fight to become the best boy of all time! It’s your democratic right — no, your democratic duty — to make your voice heard!


As always, may the best Husbandos make it through!

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