Husbando Battle Round 2 Part 2 Starts Here (2 Matches) – Results Announced!

With the way the JoJos have been performing so far it seems that big, punchy men might be the preference for this year’s Husbando Battle. Seeing how the P3 Protag fares as well as Fraser will definitely show us where the competition is heading. These two matches end at 12pm GMT 30th Nov, so get those clicks in!


Persona 3 Main Character vs Kenshirou

Husbando Battle Round 2 Part 2 Starts Here (2 Matches) 1


This is going to be a close one! Two titans going head to head, and they couldn’t be more different! The male protagonist of Persona 3 is quiet, wry sort without too much defined personality. But he does love to listen to music. You can imagine quietly spending an evening with a headphone splitter (because he will not use a speaker system), listening to some Lotus Juice together. Kenshirou on the other hand is much less reserved. He’s the kind of guy you’d more have to worry about him putting your spine out of joint when you embrace because he’s so damn strong. They couldn’t be more at odds, and who progresses is in your hands.



Fraser Overington vs Hiei

Husbando Battle Round 2 Part 2 Starts Here (2 Matches) 2



Fraser, or “Fray” to his friends, is a living, breathing human — which is more than you can say for the other entrants in this competition. Not only did he co-found J-Curi, but he also works on anime at Manga Entertainment. If you like weeb stuff you’re sure to like what he’s packing. Hiei is comparatively much less nerdy, more of a fighter than a lover, and a very tiny man to boot. If you like a man with lovely eyes then you’re sure to like Hiei, who boasts an impressive third one (though it is a bit demonic).



Can Fraser be stopped by anybody!? Is this the end for Persona!? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z!


As always, may the best Husbandos make it through!

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