Husbando Battle Round 2 Part 3 (2 Matches) – Results Announced!

This round has not one but two Steins;Gate entrants! Though thankfully they’re not up against one another. Not yet, anyway. 707 is the only representative from Mystic Messenger too, so expect things to get hardcore in here. These two matches end at 12pm GMT 1st Dec, so get those clicks in!


Suou Tamaki vs Rintarou Okabe

Husbando Battle Round 2 Part 3 1


Compared to the eccentric Okabe, Tamaki is a much more obvious loverboy. He’s the president of the Ouran Host Club himself. Flamboyant, intelligent, sensual, Tamaki ticks all the boxes when it comes to true, classic husbando material. Okabe however is a bit of an oddball. He’s eccentric too, but in very different ways, manifesting as social incompetency. But could it be that his over the top outbursts about being a mad scientist hide a kind, caring soul within? Maybe he’s just scared of getting hurt? Will you hurt Okabe?



707 vs Itaru ‘Daru’ Hashida

Husbando Battle Round 2 Part 3 2



Lucky number 707 is the only representative of Mystic Messenger this time around – the hottest otome property right now. He’s quirky, weird, and fun, always up for a joke. But as you might expect his whimsical personality hides a tragic past. He’s got a lot to deal with. Also, 707 is a master hacker with many enemies, but also some very powerful friends. Daru, a member of the Future Gadget Lab from Steins;Gate, is also a hacker, but isn’t as well known. But perhaps for a hacker that’s a good thing. More portly and a lover primarily of 2D girls, will you even be flat enough to excite him? This match is hacker v hacker!



Does the train begin to stop here for Steins;Gate, or is Husbando Battle 2016 going to go full Steins;Gate ahead? Only the voice of the people can decide what happens! Good luck!


As always, may the best Husbandos make it through!

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