Husbando Battle Semi Finals Round 2 – Rintarou Okabe vs Luka Urushibara

The last match before the Husbando Battle final! It’s also our second Steins;Gate head-to-head! Who could have expected it would get to this point? Voting on this round ends at 1pm GMT on December 14th, so make sure you get in your vote and show your support!



Rintarou Okabe vs Luka Urushibara

Rintarou Okabe vs Luka Urushibara



Okabe’s already managed to take down Daru, can he also triumph over Luka?  This really is a battle of opposites! Will you pick Okabe, self-proclaimed mad scientist and eccentric time traveller with a hidden softer side? Or will it be sweet, soft-spoken Luka, who’s practically a meek and lovely wild card? The decision is up to you!


Next up is the final! May the best Husbando make it through!

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