Hyrule Warriors Hilarious Skin Glitch

A “skin glitch” sounds absolutely hideous. As I write I’m too scared to look down at the backs of my hands, worried I might have been overcome by the horrific skin glitch already. But the Hyrule Warriors skin glitch is less like the blurb to a B-movie horror flick and more along the lines of adorable, hilarious, and awesome. Which is honestly more our sort of thing.


Not long before Hyrule Warriors was released “over here” (outside of Japan) news popped up of a glitch that allowed any of the many Hyrule Warriors characters to wear another’s skin. It looks a bit freaky, but it also just looks so right. As a lot of the characters have fairly similar models it looks just right enough to be believable, and just wrong enough to be amusing. Surely it’s only a matter of time before Nintendo decides not to patch it out and to instead tout it as an innovative new feature? If we want a super kawaii Link then surely we should be allowed to have him, right?




We’ve not tried it ourselves, but apparently the glitch still (thankfully) hasn’t been patched out, even in the NA and EU versions of Hyrule Warriors. Instructions are courtesy of Reddit poster ikusagami:

Found this post on Miiverse (in Japanese) that explains how to do it: https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYIHAAAEAADaU2yPv13IpQ

  1. Only doable in 2 player mode
  2. For P1 select a character with multiple weapons – this will be the skin character
  3. For P2 select a character with multiple weapons, but stop at weapon selection and go back to P1 weapon selection screen – this will be the actual character under the skin
  4. P1’s weapons will be unselectable and locked at using P2’s weapons
Oh Gods, why?


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