If My Heart Had Wings Localisation

In some surprising news, new publishing team MoeNovel has announced they are localising If My Heart Had Wings. The game is already available for pre-ordering for both digital download and package edition and is set to release June 28th. While the translation on the official site seems stiff and literal, it’s still great news to see more visual novels localised.


If My Heart Had Wings follows the story of Aoi Minase, a boy who returns to his hometown of Kazegaura after a long time away. There he reunites with his childhood friend Ageha and meets wheelchair-bound Kotori. Together with them and some other friends, they revive the dying Keifuu Academy Soaring Club and set about riding a mysterious and rare cloud called the “Morning Glory”.



The game was initially released in 2012 with sexual content, but it seems MoeNovel has taken it out and is marketing it as an all-ages visual novel. The translations of the story and character profiles on the official site seem stiff and literal, but it doesn’t seem entirely bad. It will be interesting to see how this game turns out.


If My Heart Had Wings is available on Play-Asia and J-List for €27 or $34.95. Manga Gamer are offering a 5% discount for all pre-orders. There is also a demo available on the official site so you can see if your system can run it. While the official site says the game is a “Japanese animated novel”, it should be noted that it’s not like School Days HD where the entire visual novel was animated.


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