If My Heart Had Wings Now on Rice Digital!

The all-ages visual novel If My Heart Had Wings is now for sale on the Rice Digital store! New publishing team MoeNovel brings you the story of Aoi Minase, a young boy who returns to his home town of Kazeguara. As Aoi is thrust into the role of dorm mother and deals with his new school, he works together with a cast of characters to revive the school flying club.


We’re happy to announce that MoeNovel’s first visual novel localisation is now up for sale! If My Heart Had Wings presents Aoi’s story, branching into four different routes depending on your choices. The game is fully voiced, except for the protagonist, and features beautifully detailed art at a 1280×720 resolution. Visual novel fans who want to read the 1st place winner of the 2012 Moe Game Award the 3rd place winner of the 2012 Getchu Bishoujo Game Award can now enjoy the game in English.



For those who are new to visual novels but are fans of anime or manga, If My Heart Had Wings is a good game to start with. It has a Slice of Life story that isn’t without romance or drama and, with 30 to 50 hours playing time, it’s enough to keep you playing for a while. If you’ve ever been interested in playing a visual novel but have been wary of starting one, this title might win you over.



If My Heart Had Wings is available for digital download on the Rice Digital store for £18.99. Click here to check it out!

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