If My Heart Had Wings gets physical Switch release

eastasiasoft‘s latest physical release is for the Switch version of If My Heart Had Wings, which released digitally late last year.

As with the digital version, this physical release contains everything from the Japanese Switch port, plus an updated English localisation. While it may contain everything from that version, it’s not quite the same as the original PC title, having to change and remove scenes to be eligible for release on console.

Even the English PC version, localised by MoeNovel, received some drastic changes, though as always a fan patch was released to rectify this. The Switch port, while still being different from the original PC version, should be a better experience for English players due to less heavy-handed changes.

If My Heart Had Wings Switch Limited Edition

Limited edition copies will also come with a soundtrack CD and artbook, and it wouldn’t be an eastasiasoft release without a special box to keep them in.

Pre-orders for Switch physical copies of If My Heart Had Wings open at 11am ET/4pm BST, exclusively on Play-Asia.

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