Ikaruga is on Steam Greenlight

That’s right, Ikaruga is on Steam Greenlight. Part of me is happy! Part of me is simply aghast at the fact that Valve had the fucking audacity to let this to go onto Steam Greenlight! To me, that’s the equivalent of taking the newly released Half Life 3, and putting it into the £3.99 bargain box in the middle of the supermarket.


Proof positive, if ever I saw it, that those in charge of the Steam release process are a bunch of ignorant, elbow-licking baffoons.


Aaaaaanyway. Where was I? Oh yes, Ikaruga is on Steam Greelight. It’s a vertical shooter where you swap between black and white to shoot or absorb absorb black and white bullets against black and white enemies! But you knew that already right? RIGHT?




Up-vote it, buy it, let it punch your teeth out and then tell everyone how much you love it.


As shooters go it’s excellent, if a little stiffling, but excellent all the same. Love it for the lush robot voices and pretty visuals and the fact that it’s rather difficult and so makes you feel special in your belly – in a tingly sort of way – when you get further than you did last time.


Up-vote it here.


Here are some pictures.



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