Impatient Fan Creates His Own Final Fantasy XV

Initially showcased at E3 2006 as Versus XIII, Final Fantasy XV has been in the works for a very very long time. A Korean fan named Yang Bing has been working on a project of his own, that is very much inspired by Final Fantasy XV.



After seeing Final Fantasy XV for the first time two years ago, Yang Bing decided he couldn’t wait for the release and so he started to work on a game of his own, called Lost Soul Aside. Recently he has posted a trailer, showcasing stunning visuals, especially considering he made everything by himself from scratch in Unreal Engine 4.


We were especially impressed by the effects from special attacks and animations, which even some triple A studios could take a tip or two. Since showcasing his game, Yang got offers from publishers left and right, promising to help him bring his vision forward. After disappearing from social media for two days, Yang revealed that he will continue working on his project with a help from some, yet undisclosed company.



We can only wish him luck and hope to see Lost Soul Aside released. If this is what one man managed to do in his free time, what can we expect with a whole team of skilled developers.

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