ININ Games bringing more Cotton titles to the west in 2022

ININ Games is celebrating the Cotton series’ 30th anniversary by bringing three entries over to the west this year.

Well, technically it’s four Cotton entries thanks to Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute. Saturn Tribute includes both Cotton 2 and Cotton Boomerang, plus Guardian Force, another Success developed Saturn game.

Meanwhile, Cotton 100% and Panorama Cotton (one of Rice Digital editor Pete’s favourite rail shooters) will be released separately.

Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute ININ Games release

All three releases will be available both digitally and physically some time this year, though no exact dates were given. Limited and Collector’s Editions are also planned, and will be available via the Strictly Limited Games store.

While there are no platforms for Cotton 100% and Panorama Cotton, they’ll presumably be launching on the PS4 and Switch, as is the case with Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute in Japan.

ININ Games is also hinting at another announcement for later in the year. No guarantees that this will be a new game reveal, though it would be the perfect time to announce an original Cotton title.

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