Introducing Rice’s Anime Villain Royale

Starting today, every week day over on our socials, you’ll be able to vote in our very own anime tournament arc to determine the greatest anime villain of them all. We’ll then collect the data from Facebook and Twitter to determine the results and update the tournament bracket. Get hyped!


We all love an anime villain, and we all have our opinions on who is the greatest. Now’s the time to settle it with daily votes until we reach a conclusion. You can view the bracket below and make your predictions, and head over to our Twitter and Facebook pages to take part in the daily voting.


Click The Image To Get A Larger Version:


anime villain bracket


We’ll be kicking off today with Light Yagami vs Stain, and progressing with a new battle every week day. We’ll also keep updating the bracket so you can see where your favourite villain is going to end up! We’ve tried to be as varied as possible and we understand that some of your favourites may have missed out, but we wanted to keep it to 16 entrants, at least this time round. We’ve tried to include the iconic villains from Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Dragon Ball etc so fans of all can vote for their favourites.


Make sure to follow along with the Anime Villain Royale as we determine the greatest anime villain there ever was. Officially.


Join the discussion on Discord too! 



Pete Davison
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