Irish The Hedgehog Is A Real Thing

During St. Patrick’s Day 2019, the Sonic Twitter account promised JackSepticEye that he could voice an ‘Irish The Hedgehog’, should that ever be a thing. Turns out SEGA kept their promise, and this St. Patrick’s Day, Irish The Hedgehog has been revealed – along with an incredible video.


irish the hedgehog



The story started this time last year, when JackSepticEye replied to a Sonic tweet showing off Jet the Hawk dressed as a Leprechaun with a pot of gold.



The Sonic account replied, saying that it was possible if Irish ever became a thing. Fast forward one year, and Irish The Hedgehog is very much a reality.



Make sure you watch the video with sound in the above tweet, for the full, glorious effect. Irish The Hedgehog is indeed voiced by JackSepticEye and tells quite the interesting story, that the team at SEGA couldn’t quite decipher. JackSepticEye later tweeted out some artwork of Irish, thanking SEGA for coming good on their promise.



It’s safe to say the Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account has still got it.


Is Irish the Hedgehog canon?


I would almost certainly say no, but I’m not sure you can put anything past the Sonic team at the moment.



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