Issue 2 of Nintendo magazine Ninty Fresh now on Kickstarter

Gaming magazines in the UK have been on the decline for a while now, with the Official Nintendo Magazine coming to a close back in 2014. However, having successfully Kickstarted issue one of Ninty Fresh earlier this year, Ninty Media are now hard at work on a second issue of their Nintendo themed magazine.

In fact, the Kickstarter has already met its £2500 goal with 42 days still remaining for the project. What was originally going to be an 84 page magazine will now be 100 pages after reaching multiple stretch goals, raising nearly £10,000 in 2 days.

The second issue plans to cover all six F-Zero titles, alongside coverage of retro Nintendo games and new Switch reviews. According to Ninty Media, the “typeface and review layout have been tweaked” for issue 2, following feedback from the previous issue.

Ninty Fresh Issue 2’s Kickstarter campaign ends November 5 at 12:59 AM UTC, and issue 1 can still be purchased directly from the Ninty Fresh website.

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