It seems Square Enix made a huge loss on Marvel’s Avengers

Square Enix has released financial reports for its second quarter (July – September), and they suggest that Marvel’s Avengers has performed poorly for the company.

The report reveals a loss of over ¥5 billion ( £36 million) in Square Enix’s ‘Digital Entertainment – HD Games’ division, which analyst David Gibson suggests was largely down to the recent Marvel tie-in.

Square Enix has made no comment on the game’s performance, but according to Gibson, it only reached 60% of predicted sales.

The SteamCharts for Marvel’s Avengers tell a sad story, the player count dwindling rapidly throughout September and October. Currently it’s hovering around 1000, and a quick search through social media reveals a ton of players sharing their matchmaking woes.

Some will no doubt chalk the game’s poor performance up to its games-as-service model, but given the mammoth success of Genshin Impact, that explanation doesn’t hold much water – though of course the latter benefits from being free to play.

Marvel’s Avengers was plagued by performance issues upon release, which may well have affected sales. Also, is it just me or was the marketing for this game really lacklustre? Those early trailers just did not excite!

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