Japan Explained : April Fools

On April Fools day or ????????, also know as Shigatsu-Baka, Japanese families and restaurants prepare and serve a Fugu and vegetable based stew called Fugu-nabe ???. Fugu is a poisonous pufferfish and is the most celebrated and notorious dish in Japan. Chefs in Japan need to have a licence to serve fugu because if its prepared incorrectly, it can be fatal!


Spiking the Stew

Before the fugu-nabe is served, the chef will add a single piece of incorrectly cut fugu. The stew is then dished out evenly within the group meaning the bowl with the poisonous piece is completely unknown to diners. The single poisonous  bowl is called Hazure ??? which translates to “The fool’s bowl”


If you eat your bowl clean and survive, it is said you will have good luck and fortune for the rest of the year.

If you end up with the fool’s bowl, it is said you will have bad luck …for the remaining 1 hour of your life.


Want to give it a try? : Click here and see if you’re lucky enough to avoid the Fool’s bowl.


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