Japan Explained : Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day or ?????? is a day in Japan where women will give chocolates to men. Unlike western countries, gifts like cards, flowers or dinner dates are uncommon – it’s all about giving the right amount of chocolates. They don’t just give their loved ones chocolate, though – women can give multiple kinds of chocolates including, Honmei, Giri, Ch? Giri & Tomo – all with a different meanings attached.

So if a Japanese woman gives you chocolate on Valentine’s day, you need to be very careful not to assume she’s madly in love with you – as you might find yourself crushed! And if you do get chocolates, make sure to take a note of its value, because if you don’t, come March 14th, White Day, you might be in trouble. … but more on that next time ^_~
Happy Valentine’s Day!
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