This Japanese Egg Yolk Art Is Precious

Japanese Instagram user Etoni Mama has been cooking up some incredible dishes, that not only taste great, but look absolutely adorable at the same time. The mother of 3 uses egg yolks in her meals to add some insane decoration, featuring a lot of recognisable characters – check out her egg yolk art!


Etoni Mama has impressed me with not only the artwork, but the various uses of egg she has come up with – I’ve never seen it used in such a variety of meals, I’m writing down notes for sure… Anyway, as you can see below – Etoni Mama likes to mix things up to keep it fresh for her kids, and what better way to stop them getting bored, than to make them eat an egg Pikachu?


Have a look at some of Etoni Mama’s work:



egg yolk art



Etoni Mama doesn’t just stop at egg yolks, she’s done a variety of different characters, using loads of wild ingredients, so make sure to check her out here!



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