Japanese Wrestler Cradled by Her Special Event Machamp in New Pokémon Trailer

I keep telling everyone that Machamp is really getting a lot of love from Sun & Moon, and this new trailer starring Japanese wrestler Saori Yoshida continues to prove my point. The humorous trailer shows her being cradled in Machamp’s buff arms. And her Machamp is available as a special Pokémon — in-store in Japan only -_-;;




“How dare you think you can defeat me. Do you want to battle my Pokémon?”

The special Machamp, called “Saori’s Kairiky” (its Japanese name), will even have special moves that reflect Saori’s own wrestling skills and techniques. It really is a unique Pokémon like no other. It comes at Lv 34, has Saori listed as its original owner, and is in a lovely cherish ball. The moves it has are as follows:


– Double-Edge

– Bulk-Up

– Strength

– Quick Guard


However, it won’t be available via Wi-Fi, only in stores. Specifically 7/11s, TSUTAYA, various game retailers, and official Pokémon stores. Non-Japan living fans won’t be able to get their hands on the many-hands-man himself.


You can also watch a behind the scenes video of them shooting the advertisement below, which includes Saori Yoshida relaxing in a pair of big green Hulk hands.




If they did a similar promotion in the UK what celebrities would you like to see and what Pokémon would they have?


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