Joker From Persona 5 Coming To Smash Ultimate Tomorrow!

Well, we never saw this coming (sorry). Nintendo surprised us with a video detailing an upcoming update to Super Smash Bros Ultimate that will bring with it Joker from Persona 5, along with his own stage, music and various other mode additions and updates coming on April 18th 2019 (tomorrow).


The new playable fighter, the “Mementos” stage and several Persona series music tracks will be coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game for Nintendo Switch on for players who own the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Fighters Pass or purchase Challenger Pack 1: Joker*. Along with gameplay of Joker in action, the video also highlighted the free Version 3.0 update for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate available on 18th April, which will introduce a new “Stage Builder” feature, new video editing features and the Smash World service for the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app**.  We’ve embedded the video below, in case you wanted a peek.



More details on the free update features:
  • – Stage Builder: Players with big ideas for a personalised Super Smash Bros. Ultimate stage can let their creativity run wild with the new Stage Builder mode. By using in-game tools, players can add moving platforms, spinning traps and other unique features to their customised stages. By playing in handheld mode, budding designers can even use the touch screen to freely draw and create, and use front and back layers to decorate their stages further. Designed stages will be available to play in a new tab on the Stage Select screen and can be shared online via the new Smash World service for the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app.**
  • – Edit Video: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate video content that has been saved to a Nintendo Switch console can now be spliced together into a fun timeline presentation. Subtitles and sound effects can also be added to personalise the video, which can be exported and shared with the world through the new Smash World service for the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app.**
  • – Smash World: Players can view shared videos and download stages created in Stage Builder to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in Smash World, a new service in the Nintendo Switch Online app. In Smash World, players can view recommended videos and even download custom stages shared by others online, giving players more ways than ever before to share their Super Smash Bros. Ultimate experience with friends.**



Challenger Pack 1: Joker containing Joker, the Mementos stage and Persona series music can be purchased for £5.39, but players can also purchase the Fighters Pass for a suggested retail price of £22.49, giving them access to Joker and the other upcoming four sets as they release. All content in the Version 3.0 update of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be available for free.


We love the look of Joker, with his Persona actually giving a tangible advantage in battle if you use the resources efficiently. Also, the fact that the Final Smash is an All-Out Attack with the Phantom Thieves is just perfect. But what do you think? Is this your new main? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter and Facebook, and check back for more coverage of Smash and other Japanese games.



Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is out now for Nintendo Switch. Fancy grabbing a copy to dive in? Why not grab one? EU/US


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