Junes T-Shirt comes free with all Persona 4 Arena Ultimax pre-orders

As promised, today we’re confirming that the mystery t-shirt that will come free with your Persona 4 Arena Ultimax pre-orders is this gorgeous, classy, delectable and downright STYLISH Junes T-Shirt. EVERY DAY will be great when you’re rockin’ this Tee. Every day members of the opposite (and same!) sex will turn their heads and say…


‘GODDAMN, I wouldn’t mind a piece of that as- tonishing Junes T-Shirt. I wholeheartedly wish that I had pre-ordered from Rice so that I could rock that department store logo LIKE A BOSS!’

 P4UA_limitedEdition_Tee-Junes T-Shirt


Whatever you do – don’t be that guy (or girl) brimming with Junes T-Shirt envy, crying yourselves to sleep at the horrible thought of not owning this outrageously collectible (and wearable!) piece of Persona 4 history!


Get it here!



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