Kagero Deception IV: Blood Ties

Tecmo Koei Games will release their latest work in the Deception series, Kagero Deception IV: Blood Ties, in Japan on the 27 February 2014 on the Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita platforms. The game has four playable characters who’s mission is to revive the King of Darkness and kill soldiers hunting them from a holy order. 


Within Tecmo Koei Game’s new Deception title, players will be able to construct and strategically place malicious traps within a mansion, with the sole purpose of murdering brave soldiers. The main character Regurina, the Princess of Darkness and the three servants of darkness: Kaeria, Vuerzua and Liria, are hunted by soldiers of the order of the 12 saints . Players can utilise any of these four characters and setup the games different kind of traps to suit the situation. There are three different kinds of traps which are Brilliant, Cruel and Humiliation. Here is the games trailer.


For those new to the Deception series, there are four titles: Tecmo’s deception: Invitation to Darkness (1996), Kagero: Deception II (1998), Deception III: Dark delusions (1999) and Trapt (2005).  With an interesting concept, Tecmo’s Deception series continued as a console strategy RPG with passive combat, via the use of traps and was praised for how it handled its plot and how players were given an abundance of choice. Not only did players receive a wide choice of different kinds of traps, they were also provided with multiple endings, with the first title having up to 6 endings.




The Deception series provided players with interesting adventures which were far from innocent and quickly had them scheming as to the best way to maim their foes or humiliate them. The combination of Survival horror and puzzle based gameplay, alongside an in depth narrative, allows for several possibilities and adds hype for the scope of the new title that will be coming in February next year.




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