Kamek in Mario Tennis Aces

 Kamek in Mario Tennis Aces

A recent trailer release from Nintendo shows Kamek in Mario Tennis Aces – and with his arrival, all manner of trickery. Swooping in on his broomstick – he’ll be yours to play just as long as you play an online match, once, between April 1st and May 1st – just as you had to do to unlock Pauline.


You can check out Kamek in Mario Tennis Aces in the new trailer below.



Classed as a ‘Tricky’ character on the roster Kamek is able to teleport, bend the ball wickedly, and for his special shot – grow to giant size and smash the ball at his opponent.


Kamek in Mario Tennis Aces art


No doubt he won’t be the last character to be added, what with summer on the horizon. We’re looking forward to see who else Nintendo has up their sleeves.

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