Kamio Recoil Available Now on Steam

2D exploration shooter Kamio Recoil, from indie developer Hanaji Games, is now available on Steam! Previewed at Winter Comiket in 2014, the game has now been localised and published with the help of doujin circle Shindenken. Check out the game’s trailer below:


The human race is under attack from an army of yokai equipped with the latest technological weaponry, causing chaos across the globe! 5 girls with special powers have been assembled to go into subspace and fight the threat!


Kamio Recoil

Features Include:

– Zero-Gravity Exploration and Shooting

– Weapon Recoil-Driven Movement – Propel yourself through zero-gravity with every shot!

– Five Unique Spirit Arms – Each with a primary and secondary fire.

– Classic Retro Inspired Challenge – Primary fire consumes HP. Labyrinthine stages. No revives.

– Maidens in Space! (And Other Places) – Six varied areas, each with multiple branching stages.

This looks like a fun little game! The use of the Spirit Arms to navigate the arenas is very interesting, and sounds really tricky combined with its HP usage. So if you like cute girls, shooting, space, or even shooting cute girls through space, go and check it out!


Kamio Recoil

Kamio Recoil is available on Steam for only £5.59.

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