Kandagawa Jet Girls gameplay featuring Senran Kagura DLC

What better way to celebrate Marvelous’ just-launched Jet Ski racer than with some Kandagawa Jet Girls gameplay. If you’ve not been in the loop on this one – this is Senran Kagura creator, Kenichiro Takaki’s swan-song from Marvelous, as he heads off for pastures new. Presumably to make something new and lewd for somebody else. God bless that man.


This latest Kanagawa Jet Girls gameplay footage, recently posted to Marvelous’ You Tube channel focuses on Senran Kagura DLC characters Ryobi and Ryona as well as series veterans Ikaruga and Yomi.


Check it out below.



To date there has been no word on a Kandagawa Jet Girls western release – though you can pretty much guarantee XSeed will take up release duties in the west with Marvelous Europe following up afterwards.


kandagawa jet girls gameplay


I’m not holding my breath that this will stand shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Wave Race in terms of delivering quality watery racing thrills, but then, with Takaki’s penchant for bikinis and girls, I’m not sure I particularly care.


Congrats to everyone who imported – if that’s you, let us know what you thought if it below.



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