Kickstart the Final Fantasy VII: Web Series

A Live Action Final Fantasy VII Web Series! I don’t know about you but just reading that gets me excited! The Final Fantasy VII: Web Series is a fan project dedicated to bringing the characters, events and excitement of the iconic RPG, Final Fantasy VII, into a live action web series.



The series will follow Cloud Strife and the AVALANCHE team as they attempt to stop the Shinra Corporation from draining the planet’s life stream.
Season one will be 5-6 episodes around 15 minutes each. Check out the trailer released september last year below.



The team behind this is a crew of over a hundred talented film production professionals who have experience from Harry Potter, Kick-Ass, Scott Pilgrim VS The World and more! They are currently seeking $400,000 and you can pledge as little as $1 and the rewards start at just $5!


Head over to the Kickstarter Page for more info, I will most definitely be supporting the series, Will you?




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