Killer is Dead £5.59 – Valkyria Chronicles £12.39 – with Funstock Rice Coupon Code

If you’re a Japanese game enthusiast and you’re not familiar with Suda 51, a.k.a. Goichi Suda, then there must be something wrong with you. Perhaps best known for his work on the phenomenal Killer7 and the No More Heroes series he’s an auteur video game writer/director that has become the face of what some would call Japanese “punk” gaming.


He’s done a bunch of stuff since becoming more popular, from the small downloadable Liberation Maiden as part of Level-5’s Guild series, to teaming up with Shinji Mikami for the horror-comedy Shadows of the Damned, and even Lollipop Chainsaw. His most recent release, Killer is Dead, has returned to the “assassin” motif he became famous for with Killer7 and No More Heroes.




It’s a lot of fun, and besides Sine More (on which he was producer), it’s the only game he’s made that’s available on PC.




We’re very happy to partner with Funstock to bring the Rice Digital community the special coupon code #FUNRICE which will give 20% off the Steam key for Killer is Dead from Funstock Digital. This will bring the price down to a stunningly reasonable £5.59! It’s definitely worth checking out, especially for that price.




Valkyria Chronicles is also included with the coupon code, which will reduce the price by 20% making it £12.39 with #FUNRICE


Valkyria Chronicles releases on 11/11/2014. We’re very excited about the Steam release of such a great game, and hopefully it will be a shining light for more Valkyria Chronicles to come. Not to mention more JRPGs on Steam in general which we are so ready for.




Have fun playing!

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