The King of Fighters XIV European Release Date Announced

The King of Fighters XIV will be coming to the PS4 within the UK and Europe on the 26th August 2016; and Deep Silver will be the one who is publishing it.


That’s right Deep Silver, the publisher well known for games such as Saints Row IV, Homefront: The Revolution and Dead Island, will be the publishing studio releasing The King of Fighters XIV into the UK and Europe; and while it may seems like an odd licensing choice it’s actually one that supplements Deep Silver’s range of titles perfectly; as Dr. Klemens Kundratitz, CEO of Koch Media, explains:


“We are looking forward to adding THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV to Deep Silver’s portfolio. Publishing the next instalment of such an iconic fighting series in Europe, the first time on PS4, supplements our roster of Deep Silver games nicely.”

This latest variation of the legendary arcade fighting game is expected to redefine the experience with fifty playable characters, 19 of which are new to the game, traditional 3-on-3 combat and improved online netcode that will see player battles with up to six online opponents.




That’s not all as When in the ring players will be able to execute new EX special moves in the enhanced ‘MAX Mode’ as well as chain Super Special Moves together using the ‘CLIMAX CANCEL’, all to unleash devastating combos and destructive attacks onto your opponent.


The King of Fighters XIV will be released exclusively onto the PS4 on the 26th August 2016 within the UK and Europe.


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