King of Fighters 14 English release to be handled by Atlus rumour

Those of you hoping for word on the King of Fighters 14 English release may not have too long to wait, according to a source close to Atlus. Although unannounced by the publisher as yet – it seems they may be picking up publishing duties once again, as they did with King of Fighters 13.


Not exactly a massive surprise for the King of Fighters 14 English release, and we’ve yet to hear any word on who will be working on this title in Europe – with the previous game having been handled by Rising Star Games.


king of fighters 14 english release


The teaser trailers for KoF have been picking up at past the last few months. After a shaky start from the less-than stellar initial announcement, word is from those who have had some decent play time at the likes of PlayStation Experience last year, suggests that it’s shaping up to be pretty decent.


Why not take a look at Geese being a dick in the latest #10 teaser!



While the backgrounds are a little bland compared to KoF13’s more lavish stages, the action looks solid enough – and with a promised 50 character roster – should have more than enough bones to satisfy those digruntled at Street Fighter V’s rather megre offering.



With this, and the frankly gorgeous Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator – it’s going to be a great year for fighters. We await an official announcement with bated breath.


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