Kingdom Hearts III Gets to Scaring With Monsters Inc. World

The Nightmare Before Christmas‘ Halloween Town may be out, but the frights go on with the new Monsters Inc. world! This is the second Pixar world to debut in Kingdom Hearts III, with Toy Story being the first, and the latest trailer shows off the new world and a bunch of gameplay.


Also released is a snippet of Utada Hikaru’s new song for the game, titled Don’t Think Twice in English and Oath in Japanese, and you can check all of the new content out below, starting with the gameplay trailer. I’m a big Monsters Inc. fan, so I’m happy to see it come to Kingdom Hearts. I think it’s a perfect fit, and it allows for a lot of creativity which the artists are clearly having fun with.





The new Utada Hikaru theme is a lot slower than previous games’ themes, but it’s fitting as this is a send-off for the series. I’m liking the sound and lyrics, so hopefully a full version will be released soon. This song is also going to be featured on the artists’ upcoming album.


These were all announced at the D23 expo, and we get a look at the Tangled world, and the Ariel and Alice in Wonderland Tea Cup summons. It goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway – how gorgeous is this game? It looks fantastic, and I know I’m not the only one who’s going to be returning to the older games (again) to fully prepare myself for Kingdom Hearts III.

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