Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory gets a new trailer

Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory’s release date may have already been revealed during the Nintendo Direct Mini yesterday, but that hasn’t stopped Square Enix from releasing a new trailer to remind you anyway.

The trailer covers a lot of what we already knew about Melody of Memory, including the different gameplay modes and online play. With more than 140 songs to get through, this should be a nostalgic trip through Kingdom Hearts’ history.

We are also given a closer look at some of the characters you’ll be able to use during your rhythm adventures, ranging from fan favourite Alex, to Disney’s Mulan and Beast. If this is anything like Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, each character should have their own abilities to aid you during songs.

There’s also yet another ending sequence that hints at Melody of Memory’s importance to the main Kingdom Hearts storyline. I guess this wouldn’t be a Kingdom Hearts game without at least some convoluted plot points included.

Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory will be releasing on the PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One November 13 in the west.

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