Kirby and the Forgotten Land announced for Spring 2022

Nintendo revealed Kirby and the Forgotten Land during today’s Direct, with it set to launch for the Switch on Spring 2022.

Forgotten Land is taking the series in a different direction, being a fully 3D platforming game instead of the usual 2D affair. It’s set in a world filled with the abandoned ruins of a previous civilisation. Considering that the areas look like a post-apocalyptic Earth, the story could certainly go in some weird directions.

Kirby will still be able to make use of their copy abilities, using them to fight enemies and uncover secrets. It’ll certainly be interesting getting to use these powers in a 3D environment.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is something many fans have wanted to see from the franchise for a while now. Regular 2D entries are still enjoyable, though they did start to get a little samey by the time Star Allies hit the Switch.

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