Did you know Hironobu Sakaguchi LEGO robot models are all kinds of cool?

I was going through the archives of my Facebook page at lunchtime. Forgot how long I’d been doing it – and felt a bit guilty that I’m not posting so much. Anyway, I came across these images from Hironobu Sakaguchi’s blog (he of Final Fantasy, Lost Odyssey and Last Story fame) of little miniature LEGO models he’d made in his spare time. I’ve always been struck by the coolness of their simplicity.


Little envious actually as Hironobu Sakaguchi LEGO robot models are rather elegant in a minimalist kind of way and remind me of Masamune Shirow’s mechs, somehow.


Anyway, here I am reposting them because a) you may have missed them when he originally shared them, like, three years ago. b) I think they’re kinda (very) cool and c) I like robots so much I’ve considered having a sexual relationship with at least ten of them. Including Chibi Robo.


He’s so goddamned dependable.





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