Knuckles comes to Fall Guys this Friday

Fall Guys is getting another gaming crossover skin with the addition of Knuckles from the Sonic series.

Available during November 12-14, the Knuckles costume will be buyable with kudos (currency you get after each round), rather than the crowns (a currency you mostly only get for winning) that are usually used — the top and bottom parts are both 11k kudos for a 22k kudos total.

Sonic himself has been featured as a costume in the past, with other gaming crossovers including 2B from Nier: Automata and the Doom Slayer. There’s even a vtuber costume thanks to a crossover with Kizuna Ai.

The only odd part about this latest costume is that Tails wasn’t added to Fall Guys first. He’s usually paired up with Sonic for other gaming crossovers, and the game already has a few tail-based modes too.

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