Koei Tecmo Announce PSN Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess Demo

A while back there was some heated debate as to whether or not game demos can actually hurt a game’s sales. This turned out to largely be nonsense, and only proved that if people play a bad game they don’t want to buy it. Koei Tecmo have just announced a Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess demo for PSN, and you can be sure it’s going to be a whole heap of fun — showing you just why you need Deception IV on your PS4.




The demo will be released Europe-wide on July 6th 2015 on PS4. The game itself comes out pretty soon on July 17th 2015. And it looks like it will include a hefty amount of content.


This hearty Demo will be downloadable from the PlayStation®Network Store and will include a rich selection of content, geared to whet the appetites of both newcomers and experienced players of the series.

Specifically, the demo will include the first two chapters of the Story Mode, which feature a detailed tutorial designed to teach new players how to manoeuvre their character, set traps, and activate them at the right moment so they defeat their enemies before they have a chance to attack. There will be no missions playable in this section.

For players that have experience in the world of Deception, the Demo will accentuate on the new Quest mode and the brand new character, Velguirie. There will be a total of 12 Quests available to play through, which can also be saved, downloaded, and replayed from the Kagero Studio. To better illustrate what the gameplay would be like on higher levels, some features have been unlocked early. These include the ability to create 7-trap-long combo sequences, as well as some of Velguirie’s unique powers (Kick and Dash).

Due to the fact that the Demo is tweaked to showcase a levelled up character in the initial Quests, save data from the Demo will not be transferable to the final game upon release. However, for those that would like to show off their combos, PS4 Share functionality will be enabled!



You can pre-order the game on our store for only £32.99, including pre-order DLC! Buy it here.




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