Kojima Announces Death Stranding with Norman Reedus at Sony’s E3 Show

Breathe a sigh of relief Hideo Kojima fans. Silent Hills & P.T. may be dead, but perhaps the ideas behind it can live on. Kojima is teaming up with Norman Reedus once again for his brand new game Death Stranding, the first project of his new development studio, Kojima Productions, along with Sony.



The teaser doesn’t give away much, but it’s delightfully weird and surreal. It’s completely unclear what the game will even be like, but the associations of Norman Reedus after Silent Hills’ cancellation could suggest it’s a horror title. Or it could be a mech game. Or it could be a stealth game about Reedus trying to make it back home after losing all of his clothes during a particularly intense night of partying and seafood. All I know at the moment is that I’m definitely on board to find out.


Kojima Announces Death Stranding 1


It’s also worth noting just how badass it is to do a project with Norman Reedus again right after leaving Konami. The full story isn’t known, but it definitely seemed that there was bad blood spilt with the Konami / Kojima split.


We’ll have more information on Death Stranding as and when it comes, as we’re definitely looking forward to finding out more about this one.


Kojima Announces Death Stranding 2

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