Hideo Kojima MIA?

 Hideo Kojima MIA?

There has been a lot of speculation about what is happening with Kojima Productions and Hideo Kojima as the producer in relation to Konami. In the past 24 hours many official related sites have changed their content and some outright just redirect their content.




On March 4th Konami announced its executive appointments with Kojima’s name omitted. Not only that but Konami has gone to great lengths to erase his name from a number of his titles on the official channels. What is more fascinating to remove all of the “A Hideo Kojima Game” even from MGS Legacy Collection, and ground Zeros, which are both completed games. For example the videos on the official youtube channel are still the same, but they have chaned the header image on the channel.




Not to mention that Kojima Pro site points to MGS portal now and twitter account to a different MGS twitter account. And it seems Kojima Productions Los Angeles is pointing to Konami main site and Kojima Productions is no more.




Even though Konami responded to Video Gamer assuring that Hideo Kojima is still going to “develop and support Metal Gear products”, there has been no mention of Kojima Productions as a company. We are yet to see what is up with the possible disbanding or rebranding and abolishment of Kojima’s name from the existing games.


Possible April Fool’s joke?




Konami announcement

Konami site Japan before
Konami site Japan now
Official Youtube channel (header image – name omitted)

Konami English site before
Konami English site now

Konami response for Video Gamer

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