Konami is Back with A New Metal Gear

Everyone thought that Konami has pulled from the gaming industry. This Gamescom they have revealed a new Metal Gear game, titled Metal Gear Survive. Can you guess what kind of game it is?


So, you thought it was a pachinko, or a mobile game. So did we, but it turns out it is a co-op shooter with survival zombie apocalypse vibes. This title is very reminiscent of the recent Resident Evil co-op TPS games, namely Umbrella Corps and Operation Raccoon City. For now, we know that it is coming sometime in 2017 and that it will be aptly priced at 30-ish euros/pounds/dollars.


Of course, this Metal Gear game isn’t supported, directed or in any way related to Hideo Kojima himself. Even he couldn’t come up with a plot this insane. After the events of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, some random soldiers are whisked away into an alternative universe where crystallized zombies roam the wasteland. Oh, and there is a Metal Gear somewhere in there.


Since Kojima left the company earlier this year, we never thought Konami would be bringing anything Metal Gear related in a long time. After the arcade pachinko announcement, Konami moves forward with a co-op shooter. What are your thoughts on this reveal? Share in the comments section with us.


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