How to get the Kotodama true ending – a guide to the ultimate secret

Seeing as it was raining on Sunday, I decided to get the Kotodama true ending. That is, the truest of true ending’s at the end of Kotodama: The 7 Mysteries of Fujisawa. Not going to lie, it wasn’t the easiest of true endings to get and easily misable. Anyone who’s playing for a Platinum might be in for a little trouble. That is, until now.


If you didn’t already know, Kotodama: The Seven Mysteries of Fujisawa is PQube Games first development project – I was curious to play for that reason alone, seeing as they’ve been most generous with the Japanese releases the last few years and, well, I’m down for supporting a project like this.



Kotodama is… well, it’s suprisingly entertaining coming from a publisher that’s never made a game before. The art is nice, the characters have a certain charm to them and the events that unfold in the Visual Novel parts are definitely not predictable. It serves up some nice curveballs and genuine WTF moments. It’s kinda cool.


Anyway, that’s not what I’m here for – I’m here to give you the Kotodama True Ending feels. All you need to do if follow the steps below and it’s all good. First of all, make sure that you’ve just started your second playthrough – or at the begging of a subsequent playthrough.


Lastly, when Quacker pops up – you MUST read it immediately to make sure you get the action necessary for you to stay on the path to the true ending.


Chapter 1 Progress until the school map
Before entering the classroom, read the following text in the Quacker:
It’s legit. Asuka Ichinose’s daughter
is in Class 3-A.
Honoka Ichinose.
※Obtain information about Honoka’s mother
Choose the classroom and see the event
Puzzle Battle
After the event, gather the information with Mon-chan and go to the forest
In the forest, chose the following answer when the is a choice with Nanami:
Proceed into the forest by memory.
Chapter 2 When going to the library with Nanami, chose:
Stay away from the archive.
※ You won’t meet Shuji
When the school map is displayed, go to the classroom and talk with Yukino.
Chose the answer:
Actually, I’ve always been interested in rumors…
※Obtain information regarding Toyamaniacs in Quacker
In Quacker, read the following:
Apparently the Library Committee
student was Shuji’s childhood friend!
She was surrounded by his fans
※ Obtain information regarding Shuji
In Quacker, read the following:
Shuji-kun’s talent flourished when he
entered Fujisawa Academy.
He was apparently only an average
runner in middle school.
Go to the library, listen to the girl talking about Shuji
Select the corridor
Progress with the story and gather the information with Mon-chan
When behind Shuji, select:
Step forward
Chapter 3 In the courtyard, listen to the old janitor talking about the broken window
Select the backyard and meet Yukino. Progress with the story
Progress with the story and gather the information with Mon-chan
In the music room with Yukino, select:
To see the man you admire?
Chapter 4 On the rooftop with Tanaka, select:
What do you think about Wakaba?
On the stairs with Wakaba, select:
Go check
Progress with the events and go to the clock tower
Puzzle against Wakaba
Chapter 5 On the rooftop with Nanami, select:
Don’t say anything.
Chapter 6 In the first event, select:
Hold on a sec…
※Nanami and the teacher drop their pens
Progress with the story, clear Chinatsu’s second puzzle
After Chinatsu’s second puzzle, select:
Chase after Chinatsu
After clearing the third puzzle, listing to the conversation between Chinatsu and the teacher.
Chapter 7 In the scene with the principal, select:
Look at Nanami.


kotodama true ending


Aaaaand the Kotodama True Ending is all yours. Bet you weren’t expecting THAT, right? What else is there to say other than Chinatsu is best girl. Kinda hope they make a sequel to this – it was fun.



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