Amazing Lace Bra Masks Immediately Sell Out In Japan

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, masks are in incredibly short supply in Japan. Women’s underwear maker, Atsumi Fashion, saw this, and decided to re-tool their equipment to create some quite incredible lace bra masks.

Usually, face masks are incredibly easily accessible in Japan, with every convenience store stocking them. Atsumi Fashion are of course a clothing brand, who have been retooling in order to help produce some masks. It started out with a lot of basic but stylish masks, in a variety of colours, as you can see below.

As Atsumi fashion specialise in underwear, things didn’t stop there. Atsumi tweeted out a photo of a prototype lace bra variant of their masks, to incredible reception on social media.

Ever since, they’ve been a hot topic in Japan. Production has commenced on a limited amount of variants of these masks, and they’ve all immediately sold out, due to their pretty unique design.

A new wave of the bra masks are being produced to supply the demand in Japan currently, and they’re priced at 1,490 yen, which is around $14.

Thanks, Livedoornews!

Atsumi aren’t the only ones working to supply masks, a teenage student has also been making custom masks.

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